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·· Saint Stephan’s church

Saint Stephan’s churchLocation:
Saint Stephan church is situated in the old part of Bagà. It was part of the ancient walls that surrounded Bagà, so if you look at it from the outside it looks like a fortification but inside it is beautiful and peaceful.

It’s a wonderful example of the transition from Romanic to Gothic, its construction was finished in 1339. The church has three naves, with barrel vault. Notice its beautiful apse with semi spherical vault and a beautiful rose window. Its sculptures porch is the best Gothic example in the area. Some gold works are kept inside such as chalices, reliquaries, processional crosses and specially of note is a Byzantine cross, from different ages. It has also a baroque altarpiece, neoclassical pictures on the walls.

·· Pinós Palace

Pinós PalaceLocation:
The palace was the residence of the Pinós family. It’s situated at the highest part of the village, and nowadays is the setting for the Medieval and Cathar Study Center and the Bagà tourist information office. Some of its rooms were restored and are used for cultural events.

Pinós family lived in the palace before Bagà was founded in 1233, but it was altered many times during the centuries. There are some rooms inside that keep romantic mural pictures, they are from the last period people lived in it.


·· Sanctuary of Paller

Sanctuary of PallerLocation:
At about 3 kilometers from Bagà, we find the Sanctuary of Paller.

It was built in 1747. The building has only one neoclassical nave with barrel vault . Notice the baroque altarpiece and the virgin. The walls and the ceiling are decorated with allegorical paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries. Next to the church, there is a restaurant and a lodging that belong to the parish.



·· Buildings in the old part of Bagà
·· Samples of the capitals:
Capital 01
Capital 02 Capital 03

Square Galceran of PinósLocation:
The old part of the village includes all the streets and squares that were inside the ancient walls. Today, the easy way to get it is going through the small streets that start in Catalonia square.

In the urban part of the village, the old part is clearly visible, built under the castle-palace of the Barons of Pinós family, and sheltered by the old city walls (which no longer exist). The square Galceran of Pinós it´s remarkable for its beautiful arches and old buildings, and the whole medieval part.




·· Saint John of Avellanet

The small Romanic church is situated between Bagà and Gisclareny, on the camping ground of Sant Joan.

We find it documented from 938 in the charter of the monastery of Saint Llorenç near Bagà. It has only one nave, with ogival vault and a semicircular apse which faces east.

·· Buildings next to the river

Bastareny riverDescription:
Bastareny river is an important flowing of Llobregat river. It is born at 1077 metres in “les fonts de l’Adou” (see places).

Bagà and the river:
The economy of Bagà was linked to the river for a long time. There were some water mills on its bank, but unfortunately none is remaining.

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