·· The Fountains of Adou

Fountains of AdouHow to get there:
These fountains are at 6 kilometres from Bagà.Taking the road to Gisclareny, before crossing the bridge of Sant Joan which cross Bastareny´s river you should follow a rural path on the right throughout 4 kilometres more or less until you reach a small stone bridge. The waterfalls are right there. If you follow a little path on the left hand side you will arrive to the head of the river.
You can either take the car or go on foot or by bicycle to enjoy the nature. There are plenty of indications.

The fountains of Adou are situated in the town council of Gisclareny on the head of the river Bastareny. These are at 1077 metres of altitude. At the beginning of the path that takes you to the head of the river you will find a spectacular waterfall. If you follow the mountain footpath you will arrive to the source of the river and you will be able to enjoy this unspoiled place.

It is advisable to take comfortable shoes. This is a stroll with a minor slope with no difficulties that can be done anytime (during the day).

·· Sulphur Fountain

Sulphur FountainHow to get there:
If you follow the Reina Elisenda avenue, once that you pass the school take the road to Paller Sanctuary. A bit further up, on the 2nd bend to the left there is a little path goes down to the fountains place (approximately 25 minutes on foot).

You will find a little sulphurous water jet and very near to it another one of fresh water.


·· Banyadors Fountain

How to get there:
Once in Paller´s Sanctuary the fountain can be found on the esplanade just below the Sanctuary.

There is a picnic area with tables, benches and barbecues. This is a good place where the kids can play safely.

·· Vinya vella Fountain

How to get there:
You have to cross the river through the old bridge if you go by foot or through the promenade of the Bastareny bridge if you go by car. When you are right to the top of the Vila’s Parc you have to take the road on your left (is already indicated). At 2 kilometres you will find the fountain.

There is another picnic area with barbecues and tables. The fountain’s water is very much appreciated by the villagers and visitors, even though its untreated water.

·· Riugréixer o Rigoréixer

RiugréixerHow to get there:
You only have to take the road to Coll de Pal. You will find the picnic area at 3 kilometres from the village coming up to the left.

This is a nice place with poplars next to the Riugréixer river with a picnic area and a fountain. In summer you can refresh yourself at the little river paying attention not to scare the dipper (cinclus cinclus) that lives here.


·· Els Empedrats

Els EmpedratsHow to get there:
Taking the road to Gilscareny once you arrive to Sant Joan´s bridge that crosses Bastareny river, just before crossing, you will find to the right a forest path that you should follow to "Cal Cerdanyola" (The first and the only house in this area). After that you should take the road to the left after crossing the bridge, follow the PR-125 (indicated with white and yellow signs). You will find different indications along.

Cal Cerdanyola – Font del Faig : 3 hours
Font del Faig – Coll del Pendís : 30 minutes
Coll del Pendís – Penyes Altes : 30 minutes.
This is a sunny itinerary among pines and holms oaks (quercus ilex). Further ahead oaks (quercus pubéscens), red pines (pinus silvestris), black pines (pinus uncinata) and beech trees (fágus silvatica) until the alpine meadows. You will cross several times the “Forat stream”. You will see the "Bullidor de la llet" (a place where the water comes out from the rock with so much pressure, that it looks like milk boiling), a waterfall at the foot of the "Forat stream”. To the sides of the river you will find the "Empedrats" majestic walls. From here, we will follow this itinerary towards the big fountain called Galigans.

Take a good pair of mountain shoes, food, water, binoculars, a camera, suntan protection and warm clothes.

·· Beech trees area in Millarès

Beech trees area in MillarèsHow to get there:
If you want to get there from Bagà, you have to take the road to Coll de Pal. At 10 kilometres to the right- in a very closed bend - you will find a path where there are some feeding troughs. You have to leave your car here and continue on foot during 30 minutes along a nice stroll.

A wide variety of genuine vegetal species of that area can be found. As a curiosity you will find a nice example of red pine with 3 branches very similar to the one that is at Campllong (that pine is a symbol of Catalan nation, every branch stand for a region, Catalonia, Valencia and Majorca). There are as well if you observe in silence different bird species such as tits, long tailed tits (aegithatos caudatus) and crested tit (parus cristatus). If the weather conditions are good enough you could admire the roe deer (capreolus capreolus).

Low difficulty. Route on food or by mountain bike. You have to take proper shoes.

·· Sant Joan de l'Avellanet

Sant Joan de l'AvellanetHow to get there:
Spot situated between Bagà and Gisclareny. Leave Bagà towards Gisclareny, just before entering a small tunnel you should turn to the left and follow the road until a forest path. You should leave your vehicle there and enter the camp area.

A small Romanesque church Sant Joan de l´Avellanet situated in one of the corners of this field increase the beauty of this area. From here towards the camp, you will find a fountain with fresh water and the start of a nice and well indicated natural itinerary with the genuine flora and fauna of this area.

The walk through the natural itinerary is a bit more difficult. You have to take proper mountain shoes.

·· Smugglers’ route

How to get there:
To start the route on foot you have to arrive , if you want by car until the Sanctuary of “Maredédeu de Paller” at 3 and half kilometres from Bagà. There we will take a path next to the church until “Paller de Dalt” at 4 and a half kilometres.

Old contrabandist route that used the way of “canal mala” to cross the Cerdanya towards Berguedà.
Nice pastures surrounded by magnificent mountains, situated at 1200 metres, will welcome you to the ruins of the old location of the sanctuary.

At the most sunny side you will find red pines, and all kind mushrooms grown in the area, hidden among rhododendron ( buxus sempervirens). You should pay attention when you pick them and not damage the surroundings and not take those which are not going to be used at all.

You can do this route on foot, by mountain bike or by car, taking into account though that to get to “Paller de Dalt” by car you have to go through a forest path.

·· Coll de Pal

Coll de PalHow to get there:
Take the road C-16 and get out at Bagà. Once there take the Reina Elisenda avenue until the road of Coll de Pal (already indicated). There are 19 kilometres from Bagà.

Ski slopes situated between “Puigllançada” and “Tossa d´Alp” at 2100 metres altitude.


·· Capercaillie (tetrao urogallus) area

Capercaillie (tetrao urogallus)How to get there:
You have to take the road of “Coll de Pal” and at 14 kilometres you have to leave the car on the left of the indication Ruta del Trenca-pinyes (crossbill (loxis curvirostra) route).

It is situated in the pre-alpine level at 1600 metres altitude. A quite route where you will find lots of animal traces. You could stroll through a forest with black and red pines where the species woodpeckers (dryocopus martius) or the capercaillie (tetrao urogallus) live together.

Take warm clothes and mountain boots.

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